AquaFlyer Fundraising:

Fundraising efforts are essential to the AquaFlyers program since registration fees alone do not cover all of the operating costs of the team. The money raised is either designated to a specific goal; to help meet budgetary expenses such as coaches salaries, coaching resources, pool rental, season banquets, swimmer awards; or to help keep programs costs down.

We encourage swimmers and their families to help support the fundraising efforts of the organization. Below are a few examples of our successful fundraising efforts:

Swim-A-Thon: The AquaFlyer Swim-A-Thon, the team's largest fundraiser of the year (held annually during the short course season), is a great way of raising tax-deductible donations for the AquaFlyers.

5% of every dollar raised goes to support USA Swimming.

Swimmers generate donations from family members, friends, or neighbors for the lengths of the pool they swim during the Swim-A-Thon, or ask individuals or businesses for a set tax-deductible donation for the team. More information for this event will be distributed during the short course season.

In addition to being an excellent fundraiser, the Swim-A-Thon is a great opportunity for our team to combine both a swimming event with a social event. In addition, the event enhances team spirit and increases community awareness of the AquaFlyers.


Banquet Silent Auctions/Raffles: At the end of each season, the team hosts a banquet (short course) and picnic (long course). During these events we try to offer a number of gift baskets that are awarded via silent auctions or raffle.

We welcome donations/contributions to give-away during these special events -- as well as volunteers to help put these baskets/gifts together.


Sponsorship: We welcome businesses and organizations in our community to help support the AquaFlyers. We are a non-profit organization so most donations are tax-deductible. If your business or employer would be interested in supporting the AquaFlyers, please let us know. If you are interested in reaching out to regional businesses on behalf of the AquaFlyers, we would welcome your efforts.