Program Fees: Long Course 2023

The program fees this season are listed below.

Not included:

a) Meet fees: charged seperately and depend on how many meets/events the swimmer commits to compete in (approx. $12 per race)

b) USA Swimming membership: Those swimmers who do not already have the annual membership.


A credit card on file is required, however, if payment by check is preferred, it can be mailed to New Fairfield AquaFlyers, P.O. Box 8326, New Fairfield, CT 06812. 


2023 Long Course (April 3,2023 - July 16th, 2023) :


Fees for Long Course Season 2023














Additional expenses for an Aquaflyer: To help you get an understanding of the total cost for the season, here are additional items each swimmer will need for the season: Goggles ($15-$20) and Swim Caps (for longer hair). Swimmers in Dolphins, Marlins, Rays, Sharks and Barracudas will also need  Team Swim Suit (Female $60; Male $45); Team Caps (non-personalized $13 or personalized $30), Swim Fins ($30); Swim Paddles ($20); 

For a detailed explanation of our fiscal policies, click here.