Equipment & Team Apparel


Required equipment per group:


Competitive Swimmers: New Fairfield AquaFlyers who swim competitively at USA Swim meets wear a Speedo brand team suit and team swim cap during competition. There will be a  "fitting night" at the beginning of each season at New Fairfield High School to ensure suits, apparel and gear are sized properly and give parents the opportunity to place orders.

Athletes must wear competitive-style swim suits of their choice to all practices (not their team suits). These "practice" suits are available at various outlets, including Metro Swim, Dick's Sporting Goods, Gulbenkian Swim or online vendors such as Swim Outlet and Swimmer's Choice. Swim caps are required for hair length below the ear. 


Non-Competitive Swimmers: The Minnows and our Learn-To-Swim athletes may wear one-piece practice suits of their choice to practice and mini-meets (mini-meets are recreational meets exclusively for AquaFlyers). Minnows and Learn-to-Swim athletes are welcome, but not required, to wear New Fairfield AquaFlyers swim wear.

Equipment and optional team apparel (hoodies, jackets, joggers and more) is available here or copy and paste the following:


We strongly recommend that swimmers put their name and contact information on all of their belongings.