This agreement is to promote cooperation, communication and unity of spirit among parents, coaches, athletes, and all involved in PAC. By registering my child for PAC:


1.         I pledge to “Honor the Sport” and be a good example of sportsmanship to my child and all associated with swimming. I will show respect for all involved including: coaches, swimmers, opponents, opposing fans, and officials.


2.         I pledge to limit my comments at the pool to those which only provide positive encouragement to my child and their teammates.


3.         I pledge to refrain from making negative comments about my child’s coach, officials, other swimmers and opposing fans in my child’s presence.  I understand parents are not allowed on the pool deck during meets and are not to interact with officials. 


4.         I pledge to allow the coaching staff to coach. If I am unhappy with a decision regarding my child, I will convey my concerns in a respectful and sportsmanlike manner. If I am displeased with the outcome and decide to remove my child from the team for whatever reason, I understand that I will not be entitled to a refund of any kind.


5.         I pledge to make all payment to all charges to my account in a timely manner.


6.         I pledge to be on time when dropping off my child for a practice or a meet and in picking them up afterwards.


7.         I pledge to redefine what it is to be a “Winner” in my conversations with my child. A Winner is: Someone who makes maximum Effort, continues to Learn and improve, and does not let Mistakes, or fear of making mistakes, stop them. I understand that my swimmer will not always have best times during the season due to changes in training. I will continue to be supportive.


8.         I understand that PAC is required to provide timers for swim meets during the season and I pledge to fulfill my obligation to time when chosen to do so.  Timing assignments will vary, depending on the number of swimmers entered in the meet or the requirements of the Hosting venue. Failure to fulfill my timing obligation will result in a fine.


I understand that if my child attends a championship meet, I may have to provide extra timing coverage.


The timing coordinators will make every effort to ensure that timing assignments are fair and that everyone fulfills their obligation.  Repeated failure to time may result in my swimmer becoming ineligible to compete.


9.         I pledge to honor and respect my swimmer’s commitment to the team by making as many practices as possible and signing up for meets by their posted deadline.


10.       I pledge to assist as possible with team fundraising events. I understand that this involvement is elective, but understand that all efforts are in the best interest of the swimmers.



I promise to honor the Parent Pledge in my words and actions. Acknowledgements will be made during registration.