This group is for Middle and High Schoolers (11 - 18)
Squad Info

  • RAC’s Fitness Program is designed to provide the curriculum and atmosphere necessary for 11 & Over swimmers to build upon or maintain their skill level and interest in the sport.
  • The group is designed to have swimmers find a place in the sport as well as fill a valuable and recognized role within the club. Swimmers may attend as many practices as they can commit to.
  • Swimmers in Fitness do not attend USA Swimming Meets but can attend intrasquad meets such as the RAC Black & Blue Meet.
  • Practice will be offered 4 or 5 times a week. If practices conflict with a meet, then there will be no practice.


  • Be able to complete a 60-minute workout

Objectives & Expectations

  • Decreased sedentary lifestyle and become more active.
  • Improve upon preexisting swimming skills and/or refine new ones.
  • To support a lifestyle appropriate for achieving the greatest personal success.
  • To do everything within their power to reach their potential.
  • To prepare, maintain, or improve their level of fitness in the offseason for the high school season.