JUNIOR(JR) Squad Info:

  • Junior offers a highly competitive program for swimmers 11-14 years old
  • RAC’s Junior Squad is designed to provide the curriculum and atmosphere necessary to achieve success at CT Age Group Championships, ISCA, and Zones and achieve their first Senior Championship qualifying time. 
  • Junior Squad Athlete is a positive and hard-working swimmer for the RAC program. They are expected to work towards their short and long-term goals daily and be role models for others in the club. Junior Swimmers must have the desire to improve and strive for the highest level.
  • Swimmers in this squad have to come from Age Group(AG). Competitive swimmers transferring from outside programs who have achieved the Junior Squad Standards will be evaluated by the Head Age Group Coach before group placement (swimmers must be unattached)
  • If practices conflict with a meet, there may not be a practice that day.


  • As an 11 years Old
    • (5) 11yrs old ISCA Cuts or 
    • Have achieved either CT Age Group Championship 11/12 400/500 Freestyle & the 200 IM 
  • As a 12 Years Old
    • (4) 12yrs old ISCA Cuts from last year or
    • Have achieved either CT Age Group Championship 11/12 400/500 Freestyle & the 200 IM 
  • Be 13 years old 


  • Be able to complete 20 x 100 Freestyle @ 1:30 at the best average speed of 
    • 1:22 for girls and 1:25 for boys


  • An efficiency set of 10 x 200 IM at a send-off of 3:15. 

(Swimmers can meet with the Head Age Group Coach to set up a time for a swimmer to be tested)

Objectives & Expectations

  • Parental involvement in swimming decisions is at a minimum. Once swimmers achieve competency, the swimming relationship transitions from coach/parent to coach/athlete for them to progress to their highest capabilities.
  • 77% attendance or higher. The coach retains discretion in accepting absences, which do not count against the attendance figure.
  • Conduct themselves with honor and selflessness at all competitions regardless of circumstances and live a lifestyle appropriate for achieving the greatest personal success.
  • Ability to train at or above a level appropriate for current experience and speed.
  • Strive to achieve Eastern Zones, ISCA & CT Senior Championship Cuts

Performance Expectations:

  • Be able to complete 16 x 100 Freestyle @ 1:25 best average speed of 1:18 for girls and 1:14 for boys in a 25 SCM pool.
  • Swim an efficiency set of 10 x 200 IM @3 and 4 x 400 IM @6:00
  • To participate in all RAC intended Zone and National level meets.
  • Willingness to attend and perform in every swim meet, in every event, and at every distance recommended by the Head Age Group Coach.

Move Up Considerations:

  • Decisions on movement to the Senior Squad will be taken depending on the age, achievement of performance criteria, commitment, and physiological stage of swimmers as well as training attitude. 
  • The swimmer must display a history of the above requirements BEFORE being moved to the Senior group.
  • Ultimately all decisions and reviews will be made at the Coaching Staff's discretion.

Equipment needs:

  • Team Swimsuit for meets, regular swimsuit for practices
  • Team Swimcap
  • Goggles
  • Kickboard
  • Fins
  • Pullbuoy
  • Paddles
  • Snorkel
  • Dragsuit (13&o)
  • Tempo Trainer