Being a part of the RAC National Team is a special privilege. Swimmers are held to a higher expectation than prior groups. Roster changes to the National Group are made at the discretion of the Head Coach 

Squad Info

  • This is RAC’s highest performance group. 
  • RAC’s NATIONAL program is designed to provide the curriculum and atmosphere necessary for success at national and international competitions (Futures, Junior/Senior Nationals, Olympic Trials)
  • Swimmers in this group will come from SENIOR. The Head Coach will evaluate competitive swimmers coming from outside programs who have achieved the NATIONAL criteria. 


  • Three Sectional qualifying standards or 1 Futures qualifying standard.

Objectives & Expectations

  • Parental involvement in swimming decisions is at a minimum. 
  • Must conduct themselves with honor and selflessness at all competitions regardless of circumstances.
  • Be active in club events (Squad Outings, Banquet, Memorial Day Parade, Swim-a-Thon, etc.) and swim clinics offered for younger club members.
  • Live a lifestyle appropriate for achieving the most significant personal success.
  • Great recovery habits
  • No drugs, alcohol, or tobacco products.
  • Ability to train at or above a level appropriate for current experience and speed.

Performance Expectations

  • Achieve a Winter/Summer Junior National Time Standard & above
  • Be part of the USA National Junior Team
  • Willingness to attend and perform in every swim meet, in every event, and at every distance recommended by the Head Coach

Note on training

  • Coaching staff spends additional time developing swimmers technically, mentally, and physically through advanced training methods, training camps, squad meets services, and equipment not offered to any other group.  

Coaches Note

  • The NATIONAL swimmer is a positive, hard-working example of the RAC program as a whole. Swimmers in the NATIONAL Squad are expected to perform to the highest standards and work towards their short and long-term goals daily.  Also, NATIONAL swimmers are expected to be role models for others in the Club and the Connecticut Swimming Family. Senior swimmers must have the desire to improve and strive for the highest level of competition. 


Equipment needs:

  • Team Swimsuit for meets, regular swimsuit for practices
  • Goggles
  • Kickboard
  • Fins
  • Pullbuoy
  • Paddles
  • Snorkel
  • Dragsuit
  • Tempo Trainer