SENIOR (SEN) Squad Info

  • Swimming is their primary sport.
  • RAC’s Senior Group program is designed to provide the curriculum and atmosphere necessary for success at Local, Zone, and Sectional level competitions. 
  • Senior swimmers are a positive, hard-working example of the RAC program as a whole. Swimmers in the Senior Squad are expected to perform to the highest standards and work towards their short and long-term goals daily. 
  • SEN works towards acquiring qualifying time standards for Connecticut Seniors, Age Group and Senior Zones, Sectionals, and Futures Championship.
  • Competitive swimmers coming from outside programs who can achieve the SEN criteria will be evaluated by the Head Coach (swimmers must be unattached)

Pre-Requirements for SENIOR (SEN):

  • Being in High School


  • As an 8th grader, have (1) Connecticut Senior Champ Qualifying time

Objectives & Expectations

  • Parental involvement in swimming decisions is minimum. Once swimmers achieve competency, the swimming relationship transitions from coach/parent to coach/athlete for them to progress to their highest capabilities.
  • Swimmers strive to attend 85% of practices or higher
  • To volunteer their time at RAC practices and events such as Olympic Way practice & Mini Meet, banquets, and other team-building events
  • To become a role model for the younger RAC groups at combined practices and or meets
  • Conduct themselves with honor and selflessness at all competitions regardless of circumstances, and live a lifestyle appropriate for achieving the greatest personal success.
  • To understand the importance of having great nutritional habits, and taking care of themselves through massage/yoga and how it helps become a better athlete
  • No drugs, alcohol, and tobacco products,
  • Willingness to attend and perform in every meeting, in every event, and at every distance available to their age group with the discretion of the Coach's decision.
  • Work with Coaching Staff about swimming at the collegiate level. Begin recruiting process summer going into Junior year.

Performance Expectations

  • Achieve 3 Sectional Cuts
  • Strive to achieve multiple Senior/ISCA Championships qualifying standards.
  • Make finals at team travel meet such as F&M, Region 1, Age Group & Senior Zones, and ISCA Championships
  • To be able to swim the 1650/1500 freestyle and the 400 IM multiple times during the season and in Championships.
  • Willingness to attend and perform in every swim meet, in every event, and at every distance recommended by the Head Coach.

Notes on Training

  • Coaching staff spends additional time developing swimmers technically, mentally, and physically through advanced training methods, services, and equipment not offered to any other group.

​ Move Up Considerations:

  • Three Sectional qualifying standards or 1 Futures qualifying standard.

Equipment needs:

  • Team Swimsuit for meets, regular swimsuit for practices
  • Team Swimcap
  • Goggles
  • Kickboard
  • Fins
  • Pullbuoy
  • Paddles
  • Snorkel
  • Dragsuit
  • Tempo Trainer