USA Swimming Registration
Rapids Swim Team

1) Everything starts with the registration link from our Club. Click here:

2) PLEASE CREATE A PARENT ACCOUNT. During the process of creating a login for people renewing, you will be asked to LINK your account.  This essentially is LINKing your new login to your records in USA Swimming.  PLEASE DO NOT SKIP THIS STEP.  Even if you haven't been coaching, officiating or swimming for a few years, you want to LINK your records to your new login.  If you somehow skip this step, you will create a new account in USA Swimming as if you were never registered before.  As of right now, there is no way to merge.  It's coming, we just don't have that ability right now.

3) After creating your login and linking your account, you will then have to log out and then click the club registration link again to actually register yourself (officials) or a swimmer and pay for 2023 (the team did not collect USA Swim registration fees, they are now paid directly to USA Swimming)

4) If you are an official or coach and renewed yourself, you DO NOT create a separate login to register your swimmer.  You are able to have "joint" accounts.  You will need to log out and then click the club registration link again.

5) If you are a parent who has never been registered with USA Swimming and are registering a swimmer (renewal or new), you still need to create a SWIMS 3.0 login and an account, but you have nothing to link.  You then log out and click your Team's registration link to add your swimmer.

6) If you have dual roles i.e. you are a coach and an official or a coach and a swimmer, this can be done on one login, one registration.  YOU DO NOT CREATE separate logins and YOU PAY ONLY ONCE.  One login, one payment. 

7) Remember you are creating the account for your family but you are registering your swimmer as an athlete.

8) Watch the videos!  This is the best source of information: