Competitive swimming in Trumbull is made up of a program sponsored by the Trumbull Board of Recreation and by the Trumbull Pisces Swimming Association Inc. The various programs provide comprehensive, competitive swimming opportunities for girls and boys and ages 6 to 18.  To be eligible to participate in the program, swimmers must be able to fulfill the  requirements of their age group.

The Trumbull Pisces Swimming Association, Inc. manages the Trumbull Pisces Swim Team and offers additional competitive opportunities, including United States Swimming (U.S.A.) competition.  The Association also provides social activities, newsletters and awards. To cover the costs of the Association's activities, fund-raisers are held and a membership fee is charged.

The various programs provide opportunities for girls and boys of different abilities and interest levels to participate together but compete equally against children of like ability and interest.  No one is penalized for being "too slow" or "too fast".  A program of this size requires the support and involvement of all parents to work successfully.  Membership participation is required at all fund-raisers and meets to cover the Team's operating expenses.

The Trumbull Pisces Swimming Association provides the following services to its members:
Monthly newsletter- events, practice times and meets schedules.

  • Equipment - for meets and practices.  Starting, PA system, lane lines and timing watches.

  • Supplies - meet cards, scoring sheets, flyers, ribbons and the ability to purchase team suits on site.

  • Coaches - at both Yankee League and USA meets in addition to normal practice times.

  • Parent Meetings - a forum to discuss and vote on team matters.

  • Social Privileges - team picture, holiday party and awards banquet.

  • Banquet - a time of recognition of achievements and distribution of awards.