Trumbull Pisces Golden Pisces Award

The Golden Pisces Award is handed out at the end of each short course season to swimmers in each age group on the team. The Golden Pisces Award is given to the Pisces swimmers who best reflect the attitude, character, and sportsmanship that the coaches look for in a Pisces swimmer through out the season in practice and meets.

Golden Pisces Award Winners 2012

Black and Yellow - Claire Kehley

Age Group - Ben Taubl

Seniors - Chiaki Santiago

Golden Pisces Award Winners 2012 - 2013

Black and Yellow - Alex Ivanovich, Erin Racicot

Age Group - Lucas Racioppo, Supriya Ganti, Lakshmi Manne, Dylan Leigland

Seniors - Harshpreet Singh, Victoria Batchelor

Golden Pisces Award Winners 2013-2014

Black and Yellow -  Kristen Racicot, Cameron Kosak

Age Group - Grace Carravone, Lorin Pellegrino, Nicholas Paolella, Helen Vasquez Ramos

Seniors - Delaney Walsh, Alex Jozwa

Golden Pisces Award Winners 2014-2015

Black And Yellow - Julia Masiuk, Michael Buckley

Age Group - Jacqueline Dale, Rohit Gunda

Seniors - Julia Nevins, Lachezar Aleksandrova

Golden Pisces Award Winners 2015-2016

Black And Yellow - Daniel Gomes, Lucia Morales

Age Group - Lucas Taormina, Mishka Kapoor

SeniorsRyan Johnson, Anna Haydostian

Golden Pisces Award Winners 2016-2017

Black And Yellow - Nicholas Ivanovich, Charlotte Johnson

Age Group - Christian Borchetta, Kristen Racicot

Seniors - Cameron Kosak, Elizabeth Stoelzel