Here is what swimmers SHOULD bring to swim meets;

  • The night before the meet it is important that all swimmers get a good nights rest and eat a good dinner. Some good ideas for meals the night before are fish or pasta. Remember our swimmers are machines that need food for fuel at meets. As well as a good breakfast in the morning before the meet.
  • Please make sure to have swimmers arrive to the meet 15-20 minutes before their scheduled warm up starts. We have only 20 to 30 minutes for warm up and the swimmers need every minute of it.
  • Swimmers need to bring the following;
  • Goggles, Swimsuit, Cap (all girls are required to wear caps)
  • Deck Chair
  • 2 Towels
  • T-shirt and or Sweat Shirt (Keep Warm on Deck)
  • Fluids - WATER!!, 100% fruit juice and sports drinks are also good to have at swim meets.
  • Food - Swimmers should bring food to every swim meet. These are long meets and the swimmers need to keep fueled up. Some great snacks to bring -  fruit, vegetables, grain and high quality protein sources. Have a variety.  Such as crackers, unsweetened dry cereal, pita or other breads, pretzels and graham crackers. Stay away from sugars such as soda, candy and desserts on race day.
  • TEAM SPIRIT!!!!!

Here is a list of things that swimmer SHOULD NOT bring to the swim meet;

  • THERE WILL BE NO ELECTRONICS ON DECK AT SWIM MEETS. For example - Nintendo DS, iPhones, Cell Phones, iPods, MP3 Players. We are here to be with our team mates, talk with them, cheer them on and talk with the coaches. If a coach sees one they will be confiscated until the end of the swim meet, If a swimmer breaks this rule in more then one meet further actions will be taken. Swimmers will be aware of this rule as well.
  • JUNK FOOD - Swimmers should not be eating any candy, chips, cakes, donuts, or sugary foods at swim meets. Please do not pack them. We encourage you to pack foods for your swimmers, at most swim meets most foods available are the ones we do not want our swimmers eating.
  • BAD ATTITUDE - It's simple, Bad Attitude is Bad Racing.

Please make sure to review this check list with your swimmer so everyone knows what we need at swim meets.