TRUMBULL PISCES AQUATHON!!! January 31st, 2020

Bill Strickland
Ahoy hoy Trumbull Pisces,  

On Friday January 31st, the Trumbull Pisces will be running our annual TP Aquathon event to raise money to fund team operations.  There is a lot of detail that follows, so please be sure to read to the end.

The swimmers will have one hour to swim as many laps as they can to raise as much as they can by swimming laps. 


Your help and participation is crucial in helping us reach our goal. It is super easy and fun to participate, promote, and manage the entire process. Everything is right inside your private team account. With our fundraising platform, you will be able to:

· Create unique personalized donor landing pages for your kids.

· Utilize the sample content, and add images for a unique and fun look. 

· Easily import or upload contacts, and send emails or post to Facebook in just a few clicks.

· View all donation details for your swimmer(s).

· View real-time progress towards incentive awards for your kids.


1.      Sign in to your account.

2.      Click the blue "Help Video" icon to watch fundraising quick-start video, and download the user guide.

Once you sign in, you will see the “Aquathon Donations” link/square on the bottom right of the home page. This is where to begin setting up your fundraising efforts.

Within that page, you will manage the entire process for your child[ren]. If you have more than one child on the team, click the pull-down menu in the aquathon page. We have made it easy to add pictures, fun icons, and individualized text for each child’s unique fundraising page! Remember to have fun setting up your account and promoting your swimmer's fundraising efforts! 

This year’s awards:

·       TOP FUNDRAISER (Individual)

·       TOP FUNDRAISERS (by group)

·       MOST LAPS SWAM (by group / gender)

 If you have any further questions about the site or the event please contact Adam Reynolds at


The Trumbull Pisces Board

PS. Please do not reply to this email. Email with any questions.