Coach Bill's Update - Pisces Back To Pool Practice Update

Bill Strickland

Ahoy hoy Trumbull Pisces, 

It's time to go back. 

We have received word from the town that we all have been waiting for since November. The Pisces are getting back in the pool. As it stands right now we have the approval to get back in the water to start practicing at Hillcrest Pool starting Tuesday January 19th! 

The one thing that we all need to remember is that the Governor of Connecticut has not released the full new guidelines for getting back to practice. We are going to go ahead and follow the same guidelines we were following in the fall however until all those guidelines are released we have to wait to get back in the pool. The hope is that any guidelines or procedure updates will be released over the weekend so we are set to go on Tuesday. 

Over the next few days you are going to see email updates with back to practice procedures, practice schedules and any other updates that we need to know for getting back in the pool. 

The coaches are excited to get back to work as we hope the swimmers are too. Please make sure to pay attention to the emails that will be sent out over the weekend. 

See everyone at the pool and always remember ............................LET'S GO PISCES!!!!!!!