Coach Bill's Update - Pisces January Practice Schedule Update

Bill Strickland

Ahoy hoy Trumbull Pisces, 

There is a very important practice update for all Pisces for the January and further practice schedules. Please make sure to go over the whole email for all details concerning our January practice schedule. 

We have received word from the Milford YMCA that starting Monday January 3rd there is going to be a change in their membership hours which would have a major impact on our practice hours at the YMCA. With the changes in the schedule it would push back the Pisces practice time from 7:00-8:45 to 8:00-9:45. These practice hours we know would be very difficult to all our Pisces swimmers and parents, and know that this is too late for all of our younger swimmers to be getting home after 9:00 or 10:00 PM. Our coaches have been working to find and secure earlier pool times for the Pisces swimmers and parents at other facilities if possible. However, finding out about this change right before the New Years Holiday of the YMCA has made if difficult to get any answers to get a schedule out to the team. 

For Monday Janaury 3rd and Tuesday January 4th there will be NO PRACTICES FOR ALL PISCES GROUPS. This will allow Coach Bill and the other coaches to get answers back about the pools that have been contacted, and get an updated January practice scheudle together. We will also post a "tentative schedule" Monday January 3rd with the updated YMCA practice schedule so everyone will see what the practices times will look like with updated YMCA times. It is our goal to not have our Pisces swimmers going that late for practices if possible. 

We understand and share the frustrations of all Pisces swimmers and parents over the Hillcrest Pool situation and now this change in practice times. This season has been the most difficult yet for the Pisces with our current pool situation, and we truly do appreciate all the support from the swimmers and parents during this time. The coaches are continuing to focus on providing our team with a safe and constant practice environment. 

Once we have any updates on practice faicilites and practices times we will get the information out to the team. Please look out for more practice updates over the next few days. 

Coach Bill