Coach Bill's Update - CT Swim Day at Lake Quassy Saturday June 25th

Bill Strickland

Ahoy hoy Trumbull Pisces, 

On Saturday June 25th, Connecticut Swimming will be hosting CT Swim Day at Lake Quassy. Please look at all the details below from Connecticut Swimming and how to pusrchase tickets to CT Swim Day at Lake Quassy. 

CT Swimming will be hosting a CT Swim Day at Quassy after the Open Water Championships on June 25th.

  • Sign-up deadline June 21st at 11:59p. 
  • After this date, you can still participate, but you will have to buy tickets at the door and even if you are a registered CT Swim adult or child you will have to pay the full price. 
  • Please note, you DO NOT have to swim in the CT Open Water Championship to join in the fun. 
  • Families (non CT Registered individuals) of registered CT Swim children and adults can use the same registration sheet to sign-up

Anyone who would like to attend after this deadline will have to buy tickets at the door, food, beverages rides, water park, parking and pavilion access will  be included in your ticket price.

Anyone holding a current CT Swim registration can buy discounted tickets to the event. 

  • 13/Overs $25, 12/Under $20

Please note, anyone 12/under MUST be accompanied by an adult.

CT Swimming will NOT provide chaperones.

We will also collect registrations for families of CT Registered athletes and adults. 

  • 13/Overs $45, 12/Unders $39

Same prices for buying tickets at the door

Please visit this link to purchase your tickets to CT Swim Day at LAke Quassy

Don't forget to wear you Trumbull Pisces gear to represent one of the best teams in Connectcut!