2020 Pisces Aquathon
We want all swimmers to raise at least $100!
JAN 31
Time: 5:15 PM
EIN: 06-1083223
Hillcrest Middle School Pool
Adam Reynolds Email
Please join us for our annual team fundraiser. Our year round competitive swim team needs your support. We want our swimmers to continue to benefit from the high quality professional coaching. We want them to have
the opportunity to improve their swimming skills and achieve success at their individual level of ability, whether they are enthusiastic beginners or determined to become regional, national and even international competitors.

Our annual Aquathon allows our team to purchase items that are outside of its budget (such as our new scoreboard), not covered by swimmer fees, giving financial aid to swimmers,and giving back to Hillcrest and the town of Trumbull.

How does our fundraiser work?
Our fundraiser is similar to ones used by swim teams all over the United States to raise money for their respective team. To raise money, swimmers receive donations from family members, friends, neighbors, and local businesses and then swim as many laps as they can in 60 minutes.

This is an exciting team building event as teammates of the swimmers help count laps. We hope that everyone is able to get the whole family involved.

Participants | Rank 0/101
$410.00 Audrey Zelezniak Berezowski
$365.00 Chase Signorile
$310.00 Sienna Fischman
$200.00 Chase Reynolds
$200.00 Adelaide Reynolds
Top Roster (amount)
$1,165.00 Age Group
$735.00 Black and Yellow
$350.00 Seniors
$100.00 High School Girls
Top Locations (amount)
$2,350.00 Hillcrest Pool