The Valley Shore Y Marlins Parents Organization is a volunteer, not-for-profit group that is organized to support the VSY Marlins Swim Team under the rules of the YMCA and USA Swimming.  Its goals are as follows:

  • To promote competitive swimming by affording swimmers the opportunity to learn and to develop their skills and by instilling good sportsmanship and team loyalty in the spirit of the YMCA;
  • To raise funds to be used for the benefit of the program and its participants;
  • To maintain and manage an annual budget for the Club that provides financial support for the program and its participants;
  • To assist the Coaches and Valley-Shore Y staff in the administrative and clerical duties associated with a competitive swimming program; and,
  • To organize and conduct social functions for the participants of the program.


The VSYMPO Committees are set up to coordinate different social activities for the swimmers, to staff VSY Marlin sponsored meets, and to organize fundraising for the team, to coordinate team apparel, as well as perform other team related tasks. It is made up of interested parents like you, and we welcome your involvement.  At this time, we have five Committees:

  • Performance.  This Committee will help ensure competitive performance information contained on the website and the team bulletin board is kept up-to-date.  This committee also oversees administration of the Colorado Timing System for all home meets and time trial events.
  • Volunteer.  This committee organizes members to assist in running events for the swim team and VSMPO.  This includes attracting members to lead specific events such as registration, team apparel, and meet manager (to manage the logistics of a swim meet), and among others from time to time.
  • Social.  This committee plans and organizes social events for swimmers and/or parents.  This includes the annual swim team banquet/awards ceremony, ad hoc social parties for swimmers, etc.
  • Fundraising.  This committee works to achieve the financial goals set at the annual meeting through various events planned at the Valley-Shore YMCA and elsewhere.  This includes efforts to attract sponsors and improve the overall financial health of the organization.  Members of the committee work closely with the Treasurer.
  • Public Relations.  This committee works to improve the visibility of the team in the local geographic area.  This includes establishing relationships with local news outlets (e.g., New London Day, LymeLine, Essex News, etc.) to ensure team news is published.  The Committee writes news articles celebrating individual swimmer and team accomplishments for publications.  The group oversees collection of photos/videos for inclusion on the website and at team functions (e.g., banquet).  The committee oversees efforts to attract new members through information sharing with local schools and other relevant organizations.

Each Committee consists of a Committee Chairperson, who presides over all meetings and oversees the affairs of their respective committee, and volunteer parents.  Each committee meets as often as deemed necessary.


2017-2018 Officers and Committee Chairs


Officers and Committees










 Performance Committee


 Social Committee


 Volunteer Committee (co-chairs)


 Fundraising Committee

 Public Relations Committee





*** If you would like to contribute in any way, please email ([email protected]) and request the committee of your choice. ***


For more details on the VSYMPO, including election process or terms, see the VSYMPO By-Laws.