Parent involvement is essential.   There is a volunteer opportunity that meets your skills, interest and time availability.   Opportunities include the following:



At home meets, jobs range from meet leader (coordinator of volunteers for a specific session of a meet) or timer, to working in the concession.  At away meets, according to the size of our entry, we are assigned a proportionate number of jobs (mostly as timers) and will be fined if our volunteer requirement is not met.  Working at a swim meet is a good way to meet other parents and increase your understanding and enjoyment of the swim program. Most parents actually find it more enjoyable to participate than to sit in the bleachers.  Please make your presence known to the meet leader to help the Team avoid a fine and ensure that no parent ends up working for an entire session.



Regular Season

All parents will be expected to time.  In the past, parents were given volunteer credit for any volunteer activity, whether or not they timed.  Based on feedback from many parents, we are changingour practice to be that every parent must time if his child swims at a swim meet.  If a parent has multiple children at a swim meet, then the parent has multiple timing responsibilities.

  • At this time, we do not have a penalty or reward system.  We are still strictly a volunteer organization that relies on everyone stepping up to do their part
  • Based on the number of swimmers and the number of meets, assuming all swimmers swim in meets and to distribute the workload evenly among all the families, we need each family to time several times throughout the season.  If your swimmer swims once, expect to time.  If your swimmer swims in most meets, expect to time at most meets.
  • For away meets, the hosting team should make available prior to the meet what our responsibilities will be.  As long as we know in advance, we will try to solicit volunteers in advance.  If we are not able to know in advance, we will let the parents know that this will have to be organized at the meet.  However, even in this case, we will be asking a specific parent to take a leadership role at the meet to ensure we are signed up and that the burden is evenly distributed among all parents at the meet.
  • For home meets, timing sign up sheets will be posted on the website.  This will help the Meet Coordinator identify timers for the meet.  During the week before the meet, however, you will receive an email blast from the Meet Coordinator requesting timers.  Parents will sign up on the website.  In addition, the Meet Coordinator or Head Timer will confirm the timers in advance of the meet.
  • The more volunteers we have per meet, the more timing shifts we can arrange.  The goal is to limit a timing shift to no more than 1 to 1 ½ hours.
  • We will hold at least one internal “practice meet” to include practice timing sessions to help teach new swimmer parents how meets are run and how timing works.  It is easy to learn so you won’t be intimidated to volunteer!
  • Home meet requirements are more detailed and will be provided separately


Championship Season

All parents of swimmers in Championship Meets will be expected to time (or be a runner, marshal, sit at the awards table, etc. depending on the needs of that particular meet).  If your child is swimming in finals, you may need to time during both preliminaries and finals.  Like almost all competitive swim clubs, VSY Marlin swim practices will be adjusted during Championship Season to focus on those swimmers that have qualified for championship meets.  This might mean non-qualifiers have shorter swim practices, only meet on certain days, or might not have any practices.  Notifications for adjustments to practices will be made in as far advance as possible.



Each Marlin family is expected to participate in the Team’s fundraisers.  Every year, the Team runs a Swim-a-thon and we encourage all Marlins to participate.  Specific uses of funds from the fundraisers will be communicated in advance.