We are ready to launch our annual Swim-Tacular fundraising event.  The event will go live on 11/1/21.

This year we are looking to raise money to buy six new starting blocks with the kickplate wedge and side grips along with backstroke starting wedges.   Your support and participation is critical in helping us to raise the $30,000 needed to make that happen. The new starting platforms will enhance our facility for hosted meets, and will also allow our swimmers to train on them, which in turn will improve their starts. 

This year we have set fundraising goals for our swimmers in each group to help us reach our mark of $30,000. We will be using Donor Perfect, a peer to peer fundraising platform, this year. Each swimmer will be able to set up their own personal page and their family members are able to donate through their giving page.

The fundraising targets are as follows. 

Mini Makos and Mighty Makos : $25.00

Shortfins: $50

Long Fins: $75

Junior: $100

CTAG: $150

Regional and State: $200

National: $250


Swimmers can raise money in one of three ways: per lap donations, a flat amount for their efforts or by collecting a corporate sponsorship. We will conduct the Swim-Tacular on November 26th this year, and swimmers will have until December 31st to collect donations.  For families that are out of town on the 26th we will offer a makeup session for the Swim-Tacular later in December.    

Swim-Tacular Schedule for Saturday November 26th:

National: 6:30-9:00am

Regional & State: 6:30-8:30am

CTAG & JR: 8:30-10:30am

Long Fins & Short Fins: 10:30-11:30am

Mini & Mighty Makos: 11:30-12pm

We will recognize the top six fundraising families with a mounted name plate on the starting platforms.  The lanes will be determined by the amount raised and will be spread out in the same fashion that swimmers are seeded in a heat.  To be eligible for the name plate on the starting platforms families must raise a minimum of $1500. 

Other incentive prizes can be earned as well per swimmer. 

(ie. Families that raise $200 can get a pair of socks or two T-shirts)

$100 – Swim-Tacular T-Shirt

$200 – Team Socks, and T-Shirt

$400 – Team Towel, Team Socks, and T-Shirt

$600 – Speedo Back Pack, Team Towel, Team Socks, and T-Shirt

$800 – Team Hoodie, Speedo Back Pack, Team Towel, Team Socks, and T-Shirt

$1000 – Speedo Parka, Team Hoodie, Speedo Back Pack, Team Towel, Team Socks, and T-Shirt





Corporate Sponsor Form: 

If you have any questions on how to set up your fundraising page please reach out to Coach Sarah at [email protected]  .