The Mako Swim team has a long history of successful swimmers whom, after graduating from high school, competed at the college level. We are proud of their accomplishments in and out of the water.


Class of 2018

Chloe Cummings - Skidmore College

Liam Conners - Roger Williams University

Mary Hufziger - Tufts University


Class of 2017


Delaney Adams - Gettysburg College

Caroline Beal - Catholic University of America

Muriel Daccache - Loyola Maryland

Alison Falder - Clark University

Alex Ferris - Susquehanna University

Matt Howard - Occidental College

Tristan Huang - Massachusettes Institute of Technology

Emily Mendelson - Tufts University

Amanda Meurer - St. Lawrence University

Rachel Meurer - St. Lawrence University

Dawson Stout - Tufts University

Amelia Wootton - Seton Hall University


Class of 2016


Ali Bowers: Binghamton University

Jacob Branchflower: Dalhousie University, Nova Scotia

Rachel Brown: Siena College

James Cummings: Dickinson College

Noah Curtis: Southern Connecticut State University

Alex Duffield: Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Eric Forsberg:  Baruch College-City University of New York

Peter Gallagher: Roger Williams University

Matt Harkins: Roger Williams University

Eric King: Keene State College

Gregory Krentsa: University of Connecticut

Chris Lafky: Bucknell University

Michael Li: Cornell University

James Murray:  University of Wisconsin

Nick O’Connor: Syracuse University

Kira Page: Duke University

Lauren Paul: Case Western Reserve University

Jeffrey Ragatz: Gettysburg College

Grace Regan: Central Connecticut State University

Brianna Wurst: University of New England


Class of 2015


Amy Martinelli: Loyola University

Megan McDonald: University of Vermont

Olivia Wootton: Lafayette College


Class of 2014


Austin Adamcheck: Babson College

Rares Barbu: University of Connecticut

Tucker Bjornson: US NAVY

Anna Brown: Sacred Heart University

Devon D’Agosta: Nova Southeastern

Stephanie Ferrarie: Harvard University

Richard Huffman: Bucknell University

Adam Hufziger: Loyola University

Robert Linden: Harvey Mudd

Nick Miller: Connecticut College

Samantha Palicz: Kenyon College

Samantha Russo: LIM College

Courtney Regan: Seton Hall University


Class of 2013


Class of 2012


Ashleigh Monroe: Springfield College

Scott Martin: Iona

Maggie Heaton: SUNY New Paltz

Jeff Magin: UCONN

Bri Silver: Colorado College


Class of 2011


Alex Beiber: UMASS

Kevin Janofsky: UMASS Dartmouth

Mike LaDelpha: Southern Connecticut State University

Connor Donnelly: University of Scranton

Dan Hufziger: Loyola Universtiy


Class of 2010

Matt Iassogna : Lafayette College

 Conor Collins: Hamilton College

Nick Karadimas: Bryant College

Kelsey Linstrum: St. Vincent College

Kathleen Marrese: University of North Carolina at Wilmington

Kyle Matson: Connecticut College


Class of 2009


Kevin Janofsky: University of Massachusetts - Dartmouth

Duje Jelaska: Worchester Polytechnic Institute

Heather Librizzi: Savannah College of Art and Design

Kate O’Leary: University of Connecticut

Jamie Reiff: Manhattan College

Julie Wallerstein: Sacred Heart University


Class of 2008


Emma Atkinson: John Carroll University

Chris Fragoso: Wesleyan University

Wesley Hood: University of Rochester

James O’Connor: United States Merchant Marine Academy

Brian Sniffin: Springfield College

Matt Sorena: Southern Connecticut State University

Jaclyn Van Waalwijk: Springfield College


Class of 2007


Jen Iassogna: Tufts University

Kat Komninos: Connecticut College

Carissa O’Leary: College of Mount St. Vincent


Class of 2006


Dave Ely: Boston College

Brian Jones: Catholic University

Dave Rothacker: Roger Williams University

Adela Smith: American University


Class of 2005


Abby Atkinson: Bucknell University

Max Barrett: Southern Connecticut State University

Billy Magin: University of Connecticut

Amy Robinson: University of Vermont


Class of 2004


Dave LaMarche: University of Maine


Attention Mako Alumni, are you missing from this list?  Do you know someone missing from this list?  Please help us preserve our history by contacting Jason Paige, Senior Aquatics Director to request any additions to this list.