ALL Senior News and Senior Practice Changes

Team Administrator Williams

Championship Mania continues for the Water Rats as we prepare for the CT Age Group Championships and YMCA National Championships as the final two team championship meets.  A couple of items of note:

Ø  There seems to be some confusion regarding the Senior Invite this weekend – March 5-8 at Wesleyan.  This meet is being run long course meters so we are not attending as a team. 

Ø  Age Group Championships – March 12-15 at Chelsea Piers – has qualifying standards and the entry has been finalized and all set with CT Swimming. 


As we continue through the championship portion of the season, no coach can guarantee all swimmers will hit best times and excel in every race.  There are so many factors  - controllable and uncontrollable – that are key to the overall success.  A few notes on some controllable factors:

Ø  Preparation:

o   Practice:  Are you attending the sessions offered?  Are you engaging in the skills, drills and training every time you are in the water? Are you giving it your best effort every time you push off the wall?

§  At the end of every practice, are you are to walk off deck knowing you gave it your all and rose to the challenges given to you?

o   Mental Approach:  Do you believe in yourself? Are you willing to step out of your comfort to see what you can accomplish? Do you worry about not succeeding?

§  Success comes from trial and error.  We stumble, trip and fall.  It’s about picking ourselves back up digging for more determination and continuing to strive for improvement.

§  Do you have a positive attitude more often than not?  Continued negativity only holds one back from taking those steps forward.

o   Away from the Pool: Hydration, sleep, eating high test fuel, stretching, etc. are integral to overall health as well as better performance in the pool.  If you do not take care of yourself, who will?

Ø  Coaching:

o   Do you ask questions?

o   Do you put in the effort what they ask of you?

o   Have you ever asked for a couple of minutes after practice to go over a skill?

o   Do you trust the process?

This is just cursory list.  So much more I can go into but really just fuel for thought.


As we near the end of the championship portion of the season and the short course season winds down, we do have some practice adjustments – see below.  We will look to get out the interim schedule that will take place before the start of the long course season.


PRACTICE ADJUSTMENTS – until interim schedule: (Subject to Change.)


Senior I/II:

Ø  Saturday, March 7: Age Group and Y National Qualifiers Only

Ø  Week of March 9 and March 16: Practice for all Senior I/II will be Monday thru Thursday.  Friday and Saturday for Y National and potential Zone swimmers only.


Senior III:

Ø  Week of March 9 and March 16:  Practice will be held Monday thru Thursday.  The Friday practice is off.