Update from Head Coach Ellen Johnston on 3/16/2020

Team Administrator Williams

Dear Water Rat Families,


Life, routine, normalcy, whatever you want to call what we do on a daily basis – really what we did do on a daily basis – is no more at this point in time. And, it does not look as though we will back to our regular lives anytime soon.  Not trying to be negative but facing the challenges head on.


I do not know when the Y will re-open or when we will be back in the water.  What I do know is that nearly 400,000 registered USA Swimming athletes are in the same boat.  We are not alone as we navigate our way through these unchartered waters.


My goal is to send out regular emails offering a variety of ideas, tasks and educational offerings that I hope will help during this none swimming time.  These emails will also offer any updates that I may have with regards to the Y’s status and when we may get back into the swimming routine.


Each email will always have a couple of historic swimming links.  What better to time to learn some history of many of the greats in the sport as well as some skills?  I would love for the swimmers to take the time and if so inclined, email back to me – with their parents on the email – the answers to any questions I have posed under the videos.


Here are today’s Suggested Swimming Races to Watch:


  1. Mary T Meagher  1981 – 200m Butterfly


    1. Where was the race swum?
    2. How many years did that WR last?
    3. How many races did Mary T swim undefeated?
  1. Duncan Armstrong 1988 – 200m Freestyle


    1. What is drafting?
    2. How does it work for/help you?
  1. Anthony Nesty – 1988 – 100m Butterfly


    1. How many strokes did Nesty take after his last breath in to the wall?
    2. What was the time difference between the Gold and Silver?
    3. How many Olympic medals has the country of Suriname won?


I have a good list that I put together and also posted it to a swim coaching page and received many great suggestions. 


I saw this link and thought it would be fun of museums offering virtual tours.



Would love any suggestions you may have that may offer some great ideas to our Water Rat Family.


Best to All!