WRAT Senior I, II, and III News for 3/17/2020

Team Administrator Williams

Good Afternoon Water Rat Senior I, II and III Swimmers and Parents,


The purpose of today’s email is to get you all thinking and getting into motion.  As I stated in last night’s ALL team email, we do not know just how long we will be out of the water.  Doesn’t mean we should put the swim team on the back burner.  Quite the opposite.


As everyone looks to adjust into a new routine, I would like to suggest everyone add exercise into one’s daily schedule. This can take shape in many forms.  First and foremost, NO ONE should be doing any kind of weight training.  What I am going to suggest in this email today are the following:

Ø  Apps that can be downloaded – These apps are free to download and offer a variety of movement that includes but not limited to: body weight exercise, core strengthening, stretching and flexibility.

o   These apps are free to down load.  The more immersed you get within some of the apps, then a monthly subscription is required for more full on workouts.

o   Swimmers, before committing to any kind of monthly subscription, you must talk with your parents.

Ø  If you have any aerobic machines at home – cycling, rowing or elliptical – then be sure to include that in your daily routine.

Ø  Jump Rope – If you have one.  Use it. 

Ø  Free online yoga link – this was posted on SwimSwam offering free yoga for swimmers.  Here is the full link:


With many individuals without a place to train Swimming-Specific Yoga is offering two months (ending May 31st) of free online yoga classes for swimmers.


Ø  I will send a dry land routine that can done at home.  This will change every 3-5 days or so.


Suggested Apps – Not in any particular order of preference.  Do your research on each.

       I.            Daily Workout and Fitness Trainer

Exercise Coach for Women and Men

     II.            Sworkit Fitness Workout App

Exercise for Women, Men and Kids

  III.            7M Workout: Fitness App

  IV.            Home Workout – No Equipment

Bodyweight Fitness & Training

     V.            Ab & Core Workouts

Ab workouts from 5 – 60 minutes

  VI.            Stretching & Flexibility

Stretching Exercises


Jump Rope – Let me know who has one.

Will send circuit routine in next email.


Senior Dryland Routine: When doing this, you should be dressed in proper dryland apparel and sneakers.  Hair should be pulled back. Water bottle nearby.  Do in a designated space.


Circuit: 4 Rounds – approx. :15 between exercises and 1:00 between rounds

·         25 Jumping Jacks

·         10 Right and Left Forward Arm Swings

·         20 Burpees or Squat Thrusts – No Pushups

·         10 Right and Left Back Arm Swings

·         15 Big/Little Abs

o   Keep head up

o   Hands under below your lower back

·         10 Double Arm Forward and Double Arm Back Swings

·         1:00 Plank

o   On elbows located directly under your shoulders – hand flat on ground.  Keep back straight

o   If you need to build up to that, then go :30 in a push-up position with hands directly under the shoulders and back straight and then go to elbow position

o   Build up ability to do a full minute

·         10 Leg Swings – side to side and front to back

·         5 Push ups

As with every exercise – be aware of good and hold technique.  This is essential in avoiding injury.


Parents, please share with your swimmers as I do not have emails for all of the swimmers.  If you would like for your swimmer to get his/her own email, please send their address.


Let me know if you have any questions.