All Team Email for 3/24/2020

Team Administrator Williams

Dear All!


As we navigate into Week 2, I truly hope this finds everyone healthy and doing well.  I can only speak for myself and will admit to not being as disciplined as I had hoped last week.  So, over the weekend, I resorted to my “One of These Days” list that had been in my head for so many years and started making it a real list.


When will the Y re-open?  Again, no one knows.  Please know that as soon as we do know, that email will be sent lickity split along with how we be running those practices.


So what all is going on?  CT Swimming is in the process of evaluating the long course meet season.  At this point, we do not know if facilities that often rent out to clubs – such as our running of the Senior Spring Inv at Wesleyan for 27 years – as each evaluates when they look to re-open and get back to renting out their pools. 


Although not on point as I had hoped last week does not mean I did nothing.  The television is not my diversion.  What came forth was a strong growing online “bond” if you will in the coaching community.  Many shared concerns, ideas, plans and general swimming conversation.  My diversion was getting caught in the abyss of YouTube as well as other video venues for mainly swimming and swimming related.  Please know, not all was swimming, I really enjoyed Master Chef Canada and Master Chef Australia.  A couple of post Week 1 observations: I have been drinking too much ice tea – home brewed daily; my laundry pile is significantly smaller; read ten books – don’t be too impressed. Nothing of substance as they were all HEA and another easy diversion and the iTunes bookstore has been loving my business; have been enjoying a solid eight hours of sleep each night and embracing the walk – trying to get out each day.  The biggest takeaway?  How much I miss the pool.  Being on deck, engaging with the swimmers and desire to get back in myself. 


How is the online learning going?  Adjusting to the new “classroom?”  I truly am interested how this transition is going for all.


I have some more swimming videos for you to watch.  I’ve really had to streamline it down so that I do not overload you all but, there is just so much I want to share.


On tap later this afternoon is the Discovery practice groups Netflix Party movie as they watch Miracle.  Would love to do this with the senior groups – maybe Friday?  Will follow on this in the senior email.


So let’s get down to business:


First, I have a riddle I look forward to your answers:

            I am tall when I am young.  I am short when I am old.  What am I?


Today’s links: As Yogi would say – “It ain’t over till it’s over.”


  1. 1976 Men’s 400m Freestyle Olympic Trials – Swimming World Article

Great in depth article – worth your time. 

  1. Relays: Three of the greatest – in my personal opinion – relays races I have been able to watch:
    1. 1984 Los Angeles Olympics – Men’s 800m Freestyle Relay

    1. 2008 Beijing – The Most Epic Ever – Men’s 400m Freestyle Relay

    1. 1976 Montreal – The Olympic Games which changed the course of swimming for women in more ways than one. The Women’s 400m Freestyle Relay.  Quite possibly the most profound ever.

  1. Check out this natural swimmer’s dolphining in the water.

    1. Learn more about Baby Fiona here:


Coming down the pike, we will begin preparing for our club’s Safe Sport Certification.  When we get that organized, be on the lookout for that email and your homework.


Please stay in touch.  Would love to hear how you all are doing.


Take care and stay healthy!