WRAT All Team Email

Team Administrator Williams

Good Morning!


Today is a GREAT day as we officially dive into the new 2020-2021 Water Rat Swim Team year.  We are excited to get all of the Water Rats back in the water.  Last week the Senior I & II swimmers began an abbreviated week as we wanted to work out the kinks and streamline our process – especially for those arriving directly from school.  Our numbers are larger than what we experienced this summer and we are pretty much back to our full water practice time.  Our priority remains the health and safety of all our swimmers. 


I would like to welcome those new to the Water Rat Swim Team.  Our goal for all is for this to be a rewarding experience while developing self-growth, teach how to work within a team environment while striving to attain personal goals, be challenged to improve one’s self confidence, swimming skills, discipline, sportsmanship, learn how to gracefully handle the ups and downs of athletics, and to be the best they can be.


The purpose of this email is to give you all specifics that is relevant to getting back in the water as well important overall information.


With today – Monday, September 14 – the kick-off for all of the team to be back in the water, we have a number of important items that I hope you will take the time to read as well as adhere to the protocols.



a.     Swimmers are to arrive with suits on.

b.   A sealable plastic bag with their name on it should be in swim bag.

                                                              i.      Swimmers will be wearing their mask to the pool edge and will then take mask off and put into the bag and seal.  Upon conclusion of practice, the swimmer upon exiting the pool will put the mask back on and then go to their towel and bag.

c.     Water bottle filled with water.  Water fountains are still shut down.



a.     Swimmers will enter the lobby of the Y.  Temperature will be taken, swimmers will then scan membership card and proceed to the spectator area of the natatorium.

b.     A coach will be directing swimmers where to go once in the stands.

c.     Swimmers will be asked at the beginning of each week of any travel, health changes, etc.  If easier, you may email your swimmer’s coach and/or myself directly at the start of the week should we need to be made aware of any specific health changes/issues.

IMPORTANT: Should a swimmer attend a school that has had a closure due to COVID and have been told they are to quarantine, please notify me ASAP.



a.     Swimmers only need to bring a small bag with towel, cap, goggles and water bottle. No training equipment at this point in time.

b.   Swimmers will be dropped off AND picked in the front circle of the Y. NO PARKING IS ALLOWED IN THE CIRCLE.

                                                              i.      Upon completion of practice, swimmers will “wrap and go” – dry off and either wrap themselves in their towel or put on sweats or shorts and shirt.  Flip flops or sneakers. NO bare feet.

c.     Exiting of the Y will take place through the front door. [Senior I/II swimmers will continue to exit out of back side door of the spectator area until told otherwise.]


IV.         PRACTICE SIGN UP:  This is to be done weekly on Team Unify (TU) and be strictly enforced. Please be as accurate as possible when signing up your swimmer(s). 


During the week, you will hear directly from your swimmer’s coach for more specifics regarding each practice group.  Communication is an important element to being on the team and hope you will reach to your swimmer’s coach or myself with any specific questions you may have.  You will also be receiving a number of emails from the team and ask that you take the time read.


Looking forward to a great 2020 – 2021 swimming year.