Senior News for 9/21/2020

Team Administrator Williams


September 21, 2020


Happy Monday!  We are entering our third week of practice and am extremely pleased where we are at this point with our training.  For those new to Senior II, I am impressed with how well the swimmers look to be adapting to a new level of training.  Adjusting to additional practice time, a new coach, a new level of training and new challenges can be overwhelming and have enjoyed watching as they embrace all that is “thrown their way.”  Saturday was our first three hour practice in over six months and to have gone hard core – if you will – would have been counterproductive for everyone so we added a great round of vertical kicking and wetland exercises.  


Putting in a great deal of information in this edition of the Senior News, so please take the time to read.  



We will be running our first In-House Return to Competition event this upcoming Saturday for Senior I & II.  Below is general information. Please know, a more thorough information sheet will be forthcoming later in the week.  This is not mandatory but an opportunity to get back into racing mode.  The meet is officially sanctioned so the times will be uploaded into the CT Swimming FAST and USA Swimming SWIMS databases.

Ø  Meet Times:

o   Session I: On Deck – 545am         Warm-up: 6am          Meet Start: 7am

o   Session II: On Deck – 245pm        Warm-up: 3pm          Meet Start: 345pm

Ø  Order of Events:

Session I                                            Session II

100 Breaststroke                            200 Breaststroke

500 Free – 2 Heat Limit                  200 Butterfly 

100 Backstroke                               200 Free

  50 Free                                              50 Free

100 Butterfly                                     200 Backstroke

200 IM                                                            400 IM – 2 Heat Limit

100 Free

Ø  Meet Notes:

o   Swimmers are limited to two (2) events per session

o   Events are mixed

o   Meet will be pre-seeded

o   NO MEET SPECTATORS ARE ALLOWED – Meet will broadcast via Zoom – Info will be sent later in Meet Info Sheet.

o   Meet sign-up will be posted on TU before the end of today.  Deadline to sign up is Thursday, September 24 at 6pm

o   If you have a specific event you would like to swim, then please speak/contact me directly.

o   Timers: We will only need one timer per lane since we are using electronic timing.  Sign up will also be available on TU later today.


TRAINING EQUIPMENT:  I have purposely held off from implementing the use of training equipment as I want to be sure we have our foundations set before adding the stress of fins, paddles and kick sox.  Below is the equipment required for Senior I & II.  Again, it is the SWIMMERS RESPONSIBILITY to bring their training equipment to EVERY practice session.

Ø  Training Fins: Preferably from the list below but if you have a long fin, that is fine for now but if the need to get new ones arises, then please make the change.

o   Speedo Switchblade Training Fin

o   Speedo Optimus Training Fin

o   Sporti Training Swim Fin

Ø  Training Paddles: Below are the preferred ones to get

o   Speedo Power Paddle

o   Strokemaker

Ø  Snorkel: Whichever you prefer

Ø  Kickboard: Speedo Pull Kick

Ø  AquaVolo Drag Sox – Level 45

o   These can only be purchased through the manufacturer.  Click here to go the link

Ø  Mesh Bag: To carry equipment.  If swimmers take care of equipment – as in NOT dragging equipment bag – then there would be less broken snorkels.

WATER BOTTLE: Swimmers are to have a water bottle at every practice session.  Hydration helps to flush out the system and with recovery.  If the preferred drink is Gatorade or PowerAde, they are best diluted.  Another drink that has gained momentum and one I feel helps is Body Armor.  It contains coconut water which helps with hydration, has less sugar than Gatorade or PowerAde and potassium packed electrolytes.  (No I am not sponsored by Body Armor but do think this is an excellent drink.)


PRACTICE ATTENDANCE:  As a coach, of course I would love to have everyone attend practice every day but know realistically everyone has other events/activities and school work going in addition to swimming.  I encourage those new to Senior II this fall, make an effort to attend a minimum of four water practices per week.  If you have a standing appointment – music, tutor, other sport, etc. – please let me know or do not sign up for that day of the week.

Ø  If you find during the day you – your swimmer – will be unable to attend that day’s practice, please email or text me by 2pm if possible.  This helps tremendously with lane assignments and practice planning.


STROKE ZOOMINARS:  I will be offering for the swimmers stroke Zoominars.  These will break down the strokes and will reinforce what is talked about during practice or what we look for as it can be tough to hear with the acoustics.  The first on will be offered on Sunday, October 4TH in the late afternoon.  Sign up will be done via TU.  Those that sign up will receive the Zoom Invite during the day.  Be on the lookout for more info on that.


DRYLAND:  We had our first week of dryland last week.  The purpose is to improve each swimmer’s all around conditioning - movement, range of motion, endurance, etc. – through a series of exercises that target all aspects of the body that will help to off-set and/or reduce chances of injury.  As we progress through the season, it will become more intensive and swimmers will feel good about how good they feel.


COMMUNICATION: Thank you to those who sent me swimmers email address.  I think it is important for the swimmers to responsibility for their swimming and ask you me their address if you have not already.


Going to leave it at that for now.  Let me know if you have any questions.