Senior 1 and 2 News for 10/3/2020

Team Administrator Williams





October 3, 2020


Happy Saturday Everyone.  Beautiful day which is perfect after a great practice this morning.  It was “Beat the Clock” Day!!  A new challenge for those new to the senior training and for the first time, a job well done across the board.  Will be about another two months or so when we do that again.  J Following the meet last weekend, it worked out well to have an extra day off as we moved into a cycle where we ramped it up a bit and will continue on that path for the next 6+ weeks.  Our foundation has been laid, we are now making sure it is solid while still focusing on details. 


STROKE TECHNIQUE ZOOM: I mentioned in my last edition of the Senior News that I will be offering a stroke Zoom.  That will take place tomorrow at 515pm.  This week I will break down freestyle so that the swimmers have a better understanding of the technique needed for optimal performance.  This is for the swimmers only.  Please respond to me via email by 12 noon tomorrow – Sunday, October 4 – and I will send out the Zoom info.  This will last no more than an hour and that is a stretch.  I will look to include some general senior meeting info.  This is only for the swimmers.


EQUIPMENT:  We have increased our kicking and will continue to do so moving forward.  Please make sure you have ordered the AquaVolo Drag Sox – Level 45. Click here to go the manufacturer’s link.  The plan is to start using them the week of October 12.

Ø  Fins: We will begin using them next.  Time to have your equipment bag with you on a daily basis.  I will look to let you know in advance if you do not need them on a particular day.


COMMUNICATION:  I am still missing a number of Senior II email addresses.  Swimmers need to be getting the Senior News along with their parents.  If you have not sent it to meet or I have missed it, please do not hesitate to re-send. 

Ø  Additionally, when a swimmer age 18 & under emails or texts me, a parent MUST be included. This falls under the Safe Sport Guidelines.  When I do get a text without a parent included, I keep the response to a minimum. 


HYDRATION:  Please remember to have your water bottle – or two if needed – filled prior to arriving for practice.  Water fountains are still shut off.  This is important for recovery and health purposes.  Remember, hydration is key.


Potential date for our next In-House Swim Meet is October 16-17.  Working on solidifying and will get info as soon as finalized.