Senior News - Cheshire Meet Info

Team Administrator Williams

CDOG June Qualifier

Cheshire Community Pool

520 South Main Street


Sunday, June 26


Meet Times:

Ø  On Deck: 615am       Meet Starts: 730am


Order of Events: For 13 & Over Swimmers

Ø  200 Freestyle

Ø  100 Butterfly

Ø  100 Backstroke

Ø  200 Breaststroke

Ø  50 Freestyle

Note: This is an ALL age group session.  Pre-scratch timeline has the meet ending at 12noon


Misc. Info

Ø  Bring personal folding chair – Swimmers are sitting outside

Ø  WATER BOTTLE(S) – Hydration is key

Ø  Water Rat Team apparel ONLY

Ø  DECK SHOES – NO bare feet when going from sitting outside to the blocks.