Official Dress Code and Expenses

Connecticut Swimming Inc. follows the National Championship protocol for dress code at all its USA Sanctioned swim meets.


  • White collared shirt
  • Navy pants/shorts, skirt (optional for women)
  • White shoes/sneakers
  • Nametag

Championship Finals (CT States, Seniors)*

Assigned positions (Referee, Starters, Chief Judge):

  • White shirt

  • White pants/skirt

  • Navy blazer
  • Appropriate color tie

* Weather permitting. If it is too warm, officials will wear preliminary apparel.

Connecticut Swimming Officials Shirts

The Water Rat Parents Club purchases the required officials' shirt for all registered Water Rat officials. CSI Officials shirts may be purchased on-line at Poloworks. Please use a Parent Club Check Request Form to file for reimbursement. (See below for more information on reimbursement.)

Proposed Policy Changes on Officials Expenses 2014-2015

1. For officials who are currently certified and/or are current trainees: The team will continue to pay their USA Swimming Non-Athlete registration fee, which is currently $64. **Each official will do their own registration online and then submit for reimbursement. The team will also cover the $19 background check renewal.

2. For new trainees :

The team will reimburse a new official’s USA Swimming Non- Athlete registration, background check and the purchase of an official’s shirt. **It will be up to the individual to save their receipts and once their training is complete and they are certified as a stroke and turn official, the team will then reimburse them for their out of pocket costs.

Anticipated costs for a new official:

  • Registration: $64
  • Background Check: $39 (**or higher)
  • Shirt: Approximately $54

In all cases, expenses will be directed to the team’s treasurer. Based on experience this past year, there may be instances where someone may not request reimbursement. The treasurer would also be given a list of officials so as to know who might be submitting receipts.