Locker Room Policy


The Westport Weston Family YMCA has the following locker room policy which the Water Rat Swim Team must abide by.

  1. Boys & Girls Locker Room: Ages 17 & Under. Adults may bring children of the same sex into the Youth Locker Rooms in the instance of crowding in the Family Locker Room.
  2. Men’s + Women’s Locker Room: Ages 18 & Above with no children permitted.
  3. Family Locker Room: Adults with children or dependent adults

In addition, swimmers are instructed to follow locker room rules that include, but are not limited to, not using cell phone cameras or other cameras in the locker rooms; no food in the locker rooms; keep the locker rooms neat by picking up and throwing out trash; respecting the privacy of others also using the locker rooms; staying away from other’s belongings; no running or roughhousing; and keeping noise levels to a minimum.

Finally, the Water Rat Swim Team has staggered practices, with different groups arriving and departing throughout the day. It is therefore not practical to constantly monitor locker rooms and changing areas over this extended course of time. While we do not post Y staff or coaches inside or at the doors of the locker rooms and changing areas, we do make occasional sweeps of these areas. Coaches conduct these sweeps, with women checking on female locker rooms, and men checking on male locker rooms.