The Westport Weston Family Y Water Rat Swim Team is a year-round, nationally recognized competitive swim program organized and operated by the Aquatics Department of the Westport Weston Family Y. The Westport Weston Family Y has been part of the fabric of community life in Westport since it opened its doors in 1923. Consistent with the Y's mission, the team focuses on building strong kids, strong families and strong communities. The Water Rat Swim Team competes in Y competition at the local level through dual meets and at the state and national level. The team is also a registered USA Swimming Team sanctioned by Connecticut Swimming, Inc. and competes in USA competitive swimming at the local, regional, state, zone and national level. Team Vision Statement To become a world-class competitive swim team.

Team Mission Statement

The Westport Weston Family Y Water Rat Swim Team embraces a team philosophy that commits itto develop the highest level of competitive excellence for every swimmer, while simultaneously encouraging spirit, honesty, team pride, personal commitment and individual growth.

Team Fundamentals

The swimmer, coach and parents are all necessary links in carrying out this philosophy. In order to accomplish these goals, team members have the following responsibilities: 1. Attend training sessions on time and with all the necessary equipment (cap, goggles, swimsuit and towel). 2. Attend required meets wearing team apparel. (Labeling all items with indelible marker is highly recommended). 3. Keep communication lines open with your coach. Always share your goals, concerns and questions to ensure the best season possible. 4. Inform your coach when you cannot make practice or fulfill other team obligations. 5. Establish reasonable and achievable goals and practice to succeed. 6. Compliment and encourage your teammates and build a positive team spirit. 7. Practice good sportsmanship by also complimenting your competitors on a good race. 8. Respect the Westport Weston Family Y facility and follow “Y” rules and regulations. 9. Participate in fund-raising activities to support the team and to promote our program in the community. Remember, you represent the Westport Weston Family Y and your team. 10. Most important, HAVE FUN!

Team Name and Identity

We are proud of our team and the accomplishments of our members and we like to insure that we are consistent in our team identity. Our official team name is the Westport Weston Family Y Water Rat Swim Team. The term WRAT refers to our USA Swimming Club code. It should not be used with other team terms. For instance, we are not the "Water WRATS", nor are we the "Westport WRATS". You may see the term "WRAT" on bathing caps or as a stand-alone term, but we'd prefer to refer to our swimmers as "Water Rat" swimmers and not "WRAT" swimmers.

Team History

The Water Rat Swim Team was established in 1949. From the beginning, the team was a perennial state champion. The team originally practiced in the Brophy pool, built in 1929 and renovated in 1978, at the current Post Road location of the Y. The team became a year round program in the late 1960's and early 1970's with the co-sponsorship of the Westport Parks and Recreation Department. The team used the Longshore Pool during the summers. Legend has it that the name "Water Rats" was established at that time when water rats were actually found in the Longshore Pool, which is located outdoors on Long Island Sound.