Signing Up for Meets*

How to Register –

All registration for meets is done through our Team Unify site, Log into your account and click on the “Events” icon under the home page slide show to find an updated and detailed list of our meet schedule.  Clicking on each meet will give you more information including warmup/start times as well as which practice groups are eligible to attend.  If your child is eligible and you would like them to participate, you will need to declare them as “Committed” to the meet.  Click their name, and select “Yes, please sign [swimmer] up for this Event” from the drop-down menu.  If it is a multi-day meet, please also check/uncheck the sessions that they are able to participate.  For example, if they can only swim Saturday out of a Sat/Sun meet, please indicate that.  You can use the “note” section if there is any additional information you would like the coach to know, such as if your child is only going to swim Saturday only or they need to leave early.  Make sure you save your changes.  Once the coaches have reviewed and finished the entry, you can check back to confirm that your swimmer has been entered and to view their events.

Who is eligible –

Swimmers must swim within their age group at meets.  Some meets will group swimmers by specific age such as “7-year-old” and “8-year-old” etc.  Other meets will have more general age groups like “8 and under,” “10 and under” etc. Swimmers are allowed to “swim up” in age but not down.  For example, and 8-year-old is considered an 8 and under as well as a 10 and under.  A 9 year-old is 10 and under but not an 8 and under.

A swimmer’s age is determined as their age on the day of the meet.  If the meet is more than one day, it is their age as of the first day of the meet.

Scratch Procedure –

Coaches have a deadline by which they need to submit the entry to the host team.  Once the entry has been submitted they can no longer add additional swimmers.  It is extremely important that you remember to commit by the deadline.  If you have committed and have been entered but can no longer attend, please notify your child’s coach ASAP.  Once the entry is submitted, the coaches can “scratch” your swimmer from the meet, however you will still be responsible for paying the entry fees as the team will be charged those fees regardless if your swimmer attends.

Entry Fees-

All meets have associated entry fees.  Individual event fees range from $6-$12 depending on the type of meet and whether the meet is a trials and finals meet.  Relay fees can range from $2.50 to $5 a relay depending on the type of meet.  When you registered, one of the required fees you paid was for your USA Swimming Escrow account.  Entry fees are automatically deducted from this account.  However, once your account balance approaches zero or has a positive number, you will not be able to register for a meet until more money is added.  You can check your balance and add money via credit card on the Team Unify website.  Remember a negative number in your escrow account means there is money in the account and a positive number means you owe money.

*Keep in mind that these instructions are for use on the website and may be slightly different for the On-Deck App.