Tryout Information

Frequently Asked Questions

When are tryouts and how do I register?

Tryouts for the 2014-2015 team will be held on  Wednesday, September 3, 2014. Exact times will be posted in August. Tryouts cost $25 for swimmers who pre-register and $40 for those who do not.

Parents are encouraged to pre-register their children in person or online during the tryout registration period, which is August 1 to September 2. A link to the online registration system will be posted on the team website on August 8, 2014.

Swimmers who are 13 and older should contact Head Coach  Ellen Johnston to arrange a personal evaluation.

Do current swim team members have to try out?

No, if they were registered and swam on the swim team during the 2013-2014 season they do not have to try out. Their coaches will put them in a group based on their age and ability.

What do prospective Water Rats do during tryouts?

We will have the children swim at least one length of each of the four competitive strokes (butterfly, backstroke, breaststroke and freestyle). If they do not know how to properly swim all four strokes, don’t worry. Many of our swimmers start on the team with a vague knowledge of the strokes, then learn as they go. The coaches will also treat some of the tryouts as a practice session (asking them to perform certain tasks). This is to see how they will work in a practice-like setting.

How are the children evaluated?

The coaches evaluate the children in a variety of ways. They time some of the swims. The also will instruct the kids to perform tasks, so they can observe how they execute instructions.

How many openings do you have?

We will not know the exact number until we hear from our current swim team participants on whether they plan to join us for another year. However, we already know that we have a lot room on our of 8/under group.

What if my child tries out and does not make the team?

If a child does not make the Water Rats Swim Team, we will offer the possibility of joining at a later time. Based on how your child performs, the coaches may recommend him for the pre-competitive White group, or they may suggest further swim lessons.

What is the White group?

The White group is for swimmers who are not ready to compete at swim meets, but have the skills to begin to learn about competitive swimming. See the online schedule for practice times. The schedule is updated in late August every year.

How do I register for the White group?

You can register at the Membership Desk. Registration is by invitation only. Please bring the letter that we send (or give) you, suggesting that your child enroll in a pre-team group.

If my child makes the team, what group will she be in?

The groups are based on age and ability. We assign new swimmers to groups after we have evaluated them at tryouts, and after we have determined how many returning swimmers we have on the team.

When are the Swim Team practices?

Please see the  Practice Schedule page of this website. (It is updated every August and March.)  

What if my child can’t commit to all the practices?

The Water Rat Swim Team is a serious competitive program and we like to keep open and constant lines of communication between the swimmers and coaches. We also like our swimmers to be very well rounded. (Many of our younger swimmers participate in another sports, such as Little League baseball or travel soccer, and a lot of our Water Rats are accomplished musicians.) If you have to miss a practice, we just ask that you let your coach know by phone call, e-mail or simply by telling them. If you have to miss a series of practices, please discuss this with your coach in advance so they can provide you and your child with training options or suggestions.

If you have other questions, please contact  Ellen Johnston.