WRAT Fall Registration 2022-2023


Welcome to the Westport Water Rat Swim Team Electronic Registration platform, the second of two places where you register your swimmer and where you pay your PET-WRAT and USA Swimming fees online.  Please click here to download the WRAT Registration Packet, which gives detailed information on registration and fees for the 2022-2023 Swim Year.

Team Unify Registration

Hopefully you have already enrolled your child in his/her practice group on the Y's Daxko system via Denise Stevens and paid the Y swim team program fee and Y membership fee (if you have not please contact Denise Stevens at [email protected] IMMEDIATELY), so it is now time to continue your registration on Team Unify by going to the bottom of this page and clicking "Continue."

Some things to do when registering your swimmer on Team Unify:

1. Please include your child's middle name when registering and fill out all sections, including the medical history. (Returning swimmers must update their registration and resubmit a medical history every year.)

2. When you provide your child's medical history, you should include any special needs or requirements, which the coaches need to note, such as allergies, asthma, diabetes, or injuries, especially to the shoulder or back.

3. You must acknowledge that you and your child have read the team's Code of Honor and Safety Policy in the Water Rat Handbook. We invite you to read the enire handbook to learn about the team.  Please also review the state handbook on A Parent's Guide to Concussions.  It is very informative and helpful in the unlikely event your swimmer gets a concussion while swimmming or in another situation. Finally we ask that you acknowledge USA Swimming's Minor Athlete Abuse Protection Policy.

4. USA Swimming and PET-WRAT fees must be paid online by credit card as outlined in the WRAT Registration Packet.

Once you have completed your Team Unify registration and the Team Administrator has approved your registration, you'll have access to your Team Unify account, which will allow you to declare your child's intention to compete at swim meets, track your child's meet results, maintain a personal contact list and volunteer to work at swim meets.

The entire coaching staff is excited for another great season and all of us look forward to having you join the Water Rat Swim Team.

Ellen P. Johnston                                                                                                                                           

PS: If you have any questions about the team, please email me, or  Rob Urban. If you have any problems creating your account on Team Unify or registration in general, please contact Adrienne Williams.

Don't forget you must register here on Team Unify to pay the PET-WRAT and USA Swimming fees and on Daxko, by contacting Denise Stevens at [email protected], to pay for the Y membership and swim team program fees.