From the club level to the Board of Directors, Connecticut Swimming Inc. depends on volunteers. Swimming probably requires more parent volunteers and volunteer time than any other sport; but what better sport is there?

CSI is indeed grateful for the many who have volunteered countless hours for our organization. Each volunteer's efforts are truly appreciated!

Volunteers are needed at all levels within CSI, from your swimmer's club to CSI committees. Often the skills you use every day at home or in the office can be carried over to swimming. We are an extremely diverse organization with many opportunities. Volunteering opens doors and the rewards are endless!

Please contact The Board at WWRX board of directors with any questions or if you are interested in volunteering. The Board can provide you with more detailed information and contacts.
Remember not all volunteer work is done at swim meets or committee meetings. Valuable contributions can be made from your home. Every contribution is important.

CSI thanks all its dedicated volunteers!

The WWRX Team thanks all its dedicated volunteers!