Windsor Water Rats Express (WWRX) has been a town swim team in existence for more than 50 years.  Its name came from the fact that there were many “river rats” that could be spotted along the banks of the Connecticut River back in the day.  The team has been very proud to have “Speedy” the water rat as our team mascot. It is a private, non-profit organization dedicated to fostering competitive swimming for children ages 5-18 years old.   We are a member of the Central Connecticut Winter Swim League, Central Connecticut Summer League, and USA Swimming.


About 80 to 120 swimmers register with us each season, depending on the given season. Our Board of Directors and Coaches support and plan the day-to-day operations of the team with clear communication with our town Board of Education.  The families of our swimmers are a very important part of our team’s success. They help continue to run all aspects of the team for safety and support to all the swimmers.  



The dedication and passion of our coaches are major pieces that build the continued success of our WWRX Team.  If you have any questions or concerns about your swimmer(s), please direct them to a Board Member; they will discuss your concerns with the coaches or you can make an appointment to speak directly to a coach.  Coaches can be available for conferences before or after practices.  All coaches are unavailable during practice hours.



The organization, coordination, and success of the Windsor Water Rats Swim Team depend upon the participation of all team members and their families.  The active participation of ALL FAMILIES is critical for our swimmers’ success.  Each family is required to assist with all swim meets and at championships.  You may be asked to be a timer, runner, or scorer at a meet, to assist with the concession stand at home meets, etc.  With assistance and cooperation from each WWRX family, everyone has sufficient opportunity to watch and cheer for their swimmer during swim meets.  Donating your time is an excellent way to meet other wonderfully talented and dedicated parents involved in WWRX and to show our swimmers that you support their efforts and hard work.


Windsor Water Rats Express is a private, non-profit organization and not directly affiliated with Windsor Parks and Rec Department. We do, however, follow park and rec guidelines and WPS Board of Education regulations.