Swim Team Rules and Regulations

Practice Rules

  1. Swimmers should be brought to practice on time and picked up on time. Swimmers who are late will not be permitted to enter the water until instructed by their coach.

  2. Prior to practice swimmers should wait quietly on the benches adjacent to the stands until their coach calls their group to their assigned spot.

  3. Swimmers should come to practice no more than 15 minutes early. This will allow enough time for changing and bathroom use.

  4. If a swimmer is fooling around, not paying attention, not working to their potential, or disturbing others while at practice, corrective actions will be taken. First offenders will be warned of their inappropriate behavior during practice. Second offenders will be asked to either sit out a set, or the entire practice session. If the behavior continues, their parents will be notified.

  5. Parents are not permitted on the pool deck to talk to a coach while practice is in session. If there are any questions or problems, please feel free to talk to the coach before or after practice.

  6. Parents are responsible for their children in the locker room. If your child is caught fooling around disciplinary actions will be taken.

  7. Parents who are responsible for non-swimming children should supervise these children at all times.

  8. Locker rooms are to be left neat and clean. After changing, swimmers should leave the area immediately. Swimmers are also encouraged not to leave their clothes in the locker rooms. Parents are strongly encouraged to help supervise in the locker rooms.

  9. Parents are expected to supervise their children, swimmers and non-swimmers, in the pool lobby, before, during, and after practice.
  10. Each swimmer's practice schedule concludes after the completion of their meet season, defined as their last competitive dual or championship swim meet.

Meet Regulations

  1. Swimmers are required to be at all meets 1/2 hour before the start, and are expected to participate in warm-ups. Swimmers should also stay the entire meet, unless excused by the coach. All swimmers are expected to stay with the team during the meet, cheer for the team, and participate in the final cheer for the other team. If swimmers must go into the stands to see their parents, the coach handing out the cards must be notified.

  2. Any swimmer who is scheduled to swim a meet should notify the coach at least two weeks in advance, preferably more if they cannot attend the meet. Failure to notify the coach will result in a suspension from the next meet.

  3. There will be no favoritism in meet line-ups. The individual swimmers are placed in events by best times, efforts in practice, consistency of performance, and attendance at practices and meets. This is strictly the coaches’ decision.

  4. Every family is expected to participate in the swim meets by timing, score keeping, donating food, volunteering to work at the concession booth, etc. Please volunteer to work for the team, as we need support from all parents.

The WWRX is a team, and in order to make us the best possible team we can be, we need every ones support, cooperation, and participation.