Recreational (REC) Practice Group


When approaching the first scheduled meet, this information can help you understand how a swim meet is run. If All swimmers are expected to cheer for their teammates, stay for the entire meet, and participate in the team cheer for their are new, it may take attending a few meets to understand how the meets are organized and how they flow.  Here are a few things to help Beginning Competitive Swimming

The REC practice group is divided into two teams following two different schedules to provide an opportunity for kids to compete against kids with similar abilities.  Time standards that are given to us by our swim league Central Connecticut Winter Swim League (CCWSL) are used to help us decide how to assign the child to the appropriate meet.  This is why we have our time trials. A swimmer with all Varsity times cannot swim at the Junior Varsity meets, but a Junior Varsity swimmer can swim at the Varsity meets.  If a child has a Varsity time in the freestyle only, they can swim in the Junior Varsity meet but not in any freestyle event.

Rec. Varsity Cutoff Times

Winter - Order of Events

Summer - Order of Events