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10 Things Successful Swimmers Don't Do

Swimmers at the top level make it look so easy, don’t they? Years of practice and focused effort produce strokes that are effortless and fluid. With their nearly superhuman speed and times we forget that they are just as human as the rest. Beneath the smooth performances, lies years of hard work, diligence, setbacks, victories, defeats, and ultimately, triumphs. Over the course of their own respective grind they have learned what to do, and what not to do to succeed.

Free Style

Here are the video's I would like you to watch with your swimmer, feel free to pause or slow them down to further emphasis portions of the video to your swimmer.  I will be asking about the video's each week and have them share with me what they saw and learned.

Freestyle videos: Focusing on technique, really have them listen to this one:

Kicking is so important, freestyle isn't just about pulling, think of the motion of trying to kick off your shoe or sock, that's the motion we are looking for:

Just for fun, here are some recent swims of amazing swimmers:

Do you think one day you can beat Caeleb Dressel?  Pay attention to these swimmers streamline and stroke count!  Look how far they streamline!

Katie Ledecky is an amazing swimmer, you can watch her here breaking the 500 free American record.  Personally I think she is more amazing than Phellps


Backstroke Streamline:

Ryan Murphys swims the 100 backstroke, pay attention to how long he streamlines off the wall

One thing I would like to note regarding the videos that I send each week to watch.  Keep in mind these are swimmers that were beginners at one time as well, it has taken them years to get to the swimmer they are in these videos. 

Butterfly Stroke

Phelps swimming fly as an 11 year old, it's funny that at 11 he was doing that thing with his arms before a race that he still does.

Phelps in the Rio Olympics swimming 100M Fly.  Notice how all the swimmers stay on top of the surface of the water, they don't go very deep during the stroke.  A lot of swimmers ask me why Phelps takes a breath on every stroke but I teach the swimmers to take 2 strokes with no breath.  I tell them when their stroke has become as efficient as Phelps then they can take a breath every stroke :-)


Like butterfly, breaststroke is a lot about timing!  80% of the power comes from the legs, so it's important we get the kick right! Here are some video's to take a look at with your swimmer.

In slow motion with Jessica Hardy:

Lilly King swims the 100M breaststroke, race doesn't really start to around 2:18.

Turns and Start