FAQ for WWRX USA Swimming (aka “USS”)


Your swimmer will be registered with both USA Swimming and Connecticut Swimming. USA Swimming is the national governing body for competitive swimming in the United States. Connecticut Swimming is our Local Swim Committee (LSC) and WWRX is a member team. Fees for CT/USA registration are separate from the regular WWRX team registration and will come from your Meet Account (see below).

All groups have great websites with lots of info so check them out:

  • USA Swimming website: www.usaswimming.org
  • Connecticut Swimming, Inc (CSI) website: www.ctswim.org
  • WWRX website: www.windsorwaterrats.org

Once your registration has been processed and you begin attending meets, you can view your results online at ctswim.org (click on FAST database). You will also receive “Splash” magazine from USA Swimming and you may register for an online account at USA Swimming for a personalized page that displays all your times. So, is it USA or USS? The national group, USA Swimming, used to be called United States Swimming (USA). Although the official name is USA Swimming, we got used to calling it “USA” and that has stuck around. You may hear both names.

Signing Up for Swim Meets

Neil will give us a schedule at the beginning of the season listing the meets that we plan to attend. Occasionally, it can change if meets are added, changed, or canceled but it is pretty reliable. For each meet, you will receive an email with an overview of the meet (times, dates, location, etc) and a link to the Meet Announcement. You must respond to the email by the deadline to swim at the meet.  Check email frequently. Many meets fill quickly and once we submit our entries, it is difficult/impossible to make changes.

Meet Announcements

Meet Announcements give all the details of the meet: what events are available for the age groups to swim, which age group swims in AM or PM sessions, cost per event, etc. Meet Announcements are posted for the entire season on the ctswim.org website (click on Meet Announcements & Results). You choose the events you’d like to swim from the Meet Announcement given any conditions it lists (maximum number of events per day, etc).

Your Meet Account

Each swimmer has a Meet Account to pay for the events he/she swims at each meet. You make a deposit at the beginning of the season and your meet fees for each meet are taken from your account. Meet fees are generally $6-$8 per event and swimmers usually swim 3-4 events per day over a two day meet so fees can add up quickly ($35+ per weekend per swimmer). Please keep your meet account funded.  WWRX keeps track of everyone’s accounts

Swim Meets

Most meets have morning and afternoon sessions. Sessions are split by age groups (it can vary so read meet announcements carefully). There are warm-ups before each session. Most sessions last 4 hours—although a few run a little shorter or a little longer (unusual). Kids should bring a chair to sit on deck between their events. You are not required to stay until the end of the meet—you can leave when your swimmer is done with his/her events


Volunteer timers are required for each team at each meet. If we know how many timers we need for each session in advance, we set up a schedule to share the workload with 3 to 4 parents covering the session. A timers meeting is held at the beginning of every session. The first timer must choose a lane and sign-out a watch for our team. Frequently, the distance events are set up as “time your own swimmer” so the session timers do not have to stay. Again, check your email or read the Meet Announcements for this info. Volunteering for USA meets is separate from and in addition to timing requirements at Rec. Meets.


IMPORTANT: You cannot swim an event at Championships for the first time.  That means you should try to swim every event at least once during the season to try and get a qualifying time. Also, it is best not to wait till the last meet to swim something for the first time.

There are different levels of Championships for Connecticut Swimming:

  • Regional Championships: Our team is assigned one of multiple regional locations across the state. There are qualifying (cut-off) times that must be achieved for all events except there are no cut-off times for all 50 yd events and the 100 free for 12/unders & all 100 yd events and the 200 free for 13/overs.
  • Age Group Championships: These are the Connecticut State Championships. All events have cut-off times based on age/gender.
  • Senior Championships: Mostly for 13/over swimmers but younger swimmers can attend if they achieve cut-off times.

There are also out-of-state championships (Zones, Sectionals, Junior Nationals, etc.) for those that are swimming at an even higher level.

Time Standards for the Regional, Age Group, and Senior Championships can be found on the CSI website (ctswim.org click on Time Standards).

WWRX Rec. Meets

As members of WWRX, USA members are required to attend all Rec. meets. We do not have USA meets on Rec. meet days. Winter Exception: High School swimmers may not participate in Rec. meets during their High School season. Summer Exception: Non-Windsor swimmers who have a Rec. team in their hometown may not compete with the Windsor Rec. team. If you have questions, please speak to the USA Coach about it.