Practice Groups


Dolphins Pre-Team Programs

Pups: Lesson Transition and Technique Development (ages 6-11)

This developmental program is designed to introduce athletes to the sport of swimming and to provide a transition to the sport from swimming lessons. It is expected that swimmers will be able to swim proper freestyle and backstroke and have rudimentary skills in breaststroke and butterfly kicking. The focus of this program will be improving stroke technique in all four strokes, proper starts and turns, and swim practice etiquette.


  • Continuous 25-yard swim on stomach
  • Continuous 25-yard swim on back
  • Knowledge of breaststroke and butterfly kick
  • Willing to jump into the pool

Dolphins Age Group Competition Programs

Age Group 2: Introductory Competition Program (ages 8-12)

This group is the Dolphins’ beginning competition group. Swimmers are able to comply with the technical requirements of all four strokes plus perform starts from the side (or blocks) properly and safely. The focus in this group is on improving technique while training the various energy systems to improve speed and endurance. Athletes in this group will be exposed to the use of a pace clock as a training tool.


  • Continuous 100-yard freestyle and backstroke
  • Continuous 25-yard breaststroke and butterfly
  • Ability to dive into the pool

Age Group 1: Intermediate Competition Program (ages 8-13)

Swimmers in this group have developed strong fundamental skills, demonstrated a desire to reach their competitive potential, and are ready to develop a more extensive training base. Individual medley and distance events are encouraged to develop versatility. Skills include advanced stroke technique, racing starts and turns, and race strategies. Solid practice habits are reinforced, and more complex training sets are introduced.


  • Ability to swim continuous 200 freestyle
  • 100 backstroke; 50 breaststroke and butterfly
  • Demonstrate flip-turns and open turns
  • Ability to complete a dive from the blocks.


Dolphins Advanced Competition Programs

Juniors (ages 11-14)

Proper stroke technique is still an emphasis along with reinforcement of proper practice habits. Swimmers in this group have developed a strong foundation in all four competitive strokes. Training is geared towards progression to the senior group while improving the skills, training habits, and personal goals that they have developed. There is an increase in emphasis on conditioning after the beginning portion of the season.


  • Ability to swim 200 yards of all four competitive strokes
  • Ability to complete the 200-yard IM
  • Proficiency in turns, dives, and practice etiquette

Seniors (13 and over)

This group is for swimmers who have made a serious commitment to swimming. While technique will continue to be stressed, the training will be focused on developing core components of strength, power, and speed. There is a increased emphasis on conditioning after the beginning portion of the season.

Prerequisites: Ability to complete all competitive swimming races