Pups: Lesson Transition (ages 5-8) 

Pups represent the transition from swim lessons into the competitive swim team.  The primary goal for this group is to teach stroke technique and to teach swimmers about competitive swimming. The competition focus is on YMCA dual meets and Yankee Clusters. 


  • Continuous 25-yard swim using freestyle or breaststroke
  • Continuous 25-yard swim using backstroke
  • Willing to jump into the pool


Required Equipment
  • Kickboard
  • Pull Buoy

All swimmers are required to wear goggles. Female swimmers will be strongly encouraged to wear a cap- the cap must be latex or silicone. Males will not be required to wear caps unless their hair is longer than shoulder length (although there will be mandatory cap days because all swimmers must wear a WFYD cap at meets).

A reminder that females must wear one-piece bathing suits that are meant for training (please do not have your swimmers wear suits that have tassels/beads/etc. on them as they will fall off!). Males must wear jammers (no swim trunks that you would wear to the beach, for instance).