Weekly Update 2.2-2.8

Amber Albe

Yankee Cluster Championships

Location: Maloney High School, 121 Gravel St., Meriden, CT


10 & Under - Saturday 2/8: 8:45am arrival; 9am warm-up; 11am start

11/12 - Sunday 2/9: 7:15am arrival; 7:30 am warm-up; 9am start

13 & up - Sunday 2/9, approx. 12 pm warm-up; approx. 1:30 pm start

Entries: Attached are the meet entries, alphabetical by swimmer.

Theme: Superheros!

Yankee Cluster Pep-Rally and Practice 2/6

Our Yankee Cluster Pep-Rally will be at the Y from 5:15-7:00pm on Thursday, 2/6. Swimmers will use this time to rally and make posters in support of their teammates. Families are welcomed and encouraged to attend. I will be available through this time to meet and greet. 

Posterboard and markers will be provided, but please bring supplies if you have it! Sparkles, stickers, pictures, poster letters, tape! The theme of this year's Cluster meet is "Superheroes," take this into consideration when making posters! :)

Practices on 2/6 will be modified as follows, all held at the YMCA. Swimmers can attend before or after practice.

AG3: 5:15pm-6pm 

AG 2 + AG1: 6pm-7pm

Junior + Senior: 7pm-8:15pm

Practices on Friday, 2/7 will be held as usual.


Clarification and Edits for Post-Season

Following my email with information pertaining to post-Yankee Clusters, we received a generous amount of feedback (always appreciated!). First and foremost, we have decided to move the 10 and under clinics from 4:45pm-5:45pm on T/Th/F to 5:45-6:45 on T/Th, remaing at 4:45pm-5:45pm on Fridays only. This is to better accommodate working families.

Further, after most of the confusion regarding the end of the regular season for USA Swimming participants, we made modifications to the Championship Season group, which accommodates Regional Championships as the true end to the season for swimmers who have not qualified for champ meets beyond:

Championship Season

This six-week program is intended for swimmers who will compete in either individual or relay events at New England Championships. USA registered swimmers will practice in this group for the first three weeks in preparation for Regional Championships, without an additional fee—if a swimmer qualifies beyond Regionals, they will continue with the second half of the Championship Season at a pro-rated fee. All swimmers are still required to register.

This time will be focused on technique and training for specific races.

Championship Season will run from February 10th, the Monday following Yankee Clusters, until March 20th, the Friday prior to NECs. Practice will be held as one group and individualized as needed.

Monday-Friday: 6:45pm-8:15pm



Last Ditch Meet File Errors

After an email from the meet host regarding errors in the meet file (which included an unnecessary $3.00 surcharge, an incorrect age-up date, and no Open events), we’ve reloaded the meet file into TeamUnify. We will need to re-register those who had committed to the previous version (we’ll take care of this, but if you wanted to go and add your swimmer back in, that would certainly be appreciated).


New England Relays

We will definitely be bringing relays to New England Championships. The lineup for these relays will be finalized as soon as possible, likely following YCC this weekend. Please stay tuned for that information.


Thanks for your time. I will be on-deck for practices at Sheehan tonight, and the Y tomorrow. I'll see everyone on-deck.


Coach Amber