Age Range: 12&Over

Practice Requirements: 6-8 times/week plus mandatory dry-lands and Yoga


  • This group is only for high school-aged swimmers who are highly experienced at the age group/ Senior level of competitive swimming.
  • Swimmers are highly skilled in all four competitive strokes.
  • Advanced stroke technique and race strategy will be emphasized
  • Swimmers can make 10 x 100 1:20 Freestyle.
  • At this level, there is a high expectation of dedication and a serious commitment to consistency in training. 
  • Swimmers are expected to participate in all scheduled competitions.
  • Relay participation is expected for all members of this group as well.
  • In addition, swimmers will be asked to participate in several travel swim meets per year where they will stay overnight in the area if they have the time standards and practice attendance requirements. 
  • Swimmers must be targeting Age Group, Senior Open, Senior Zone, and or USA Sectional Qualifying time or above. 
  • Finally, swimmers in this group need to help mentor the younger swimmers when necessary at meets or at practices

All National and National Development swimmers should get the following gear.


1.    Snorkel – Finis Snorkel                      

2.    Paddles - Finis “Agility” Paddles                               

3.    FINIS Floating Fins

4.    Mesh Gear Bag

5.    Finis 8” and 12" parachute