Age Range: 7 and 8-year-olds with possibly some 9 years old


  • The Rockets squad is for experienced young competitive swimmers who are proficient and legal in all four competitive strokes and are preparing for competitions.
  • Emphasis will be on fine-tuning in all four competitive strokes with a heavy emphasis on kicking and drill work.
  • Improvement with competitive starts will also be addressed. 
  • Swimmers will be introduced to the pace clock as a tool in their training.
  • Swimmers are to participate in all age-appropriate meets (8+under and some 10+under meets).
  • In meets, swimmers will be expected to compete in the 25 and 50-yard events in all four strokes, as well as the 100 yards freestyle and 100 yards IM.
  • Swimmers will also be expected to participate in relays alongside teammates.
  • Swimmers may also be asked to compete in the 200 freestyle and IM

All Rockets and Future Stars swimmers should get the following gear.




1.    FINIS Floating Swim Fins                  


*Swimmers should also bring a water bottle, extra goggles, and extra caps to every practice.