Board Positions: 

Directors At-Large:  Prepare agenda items for the meetings and record board decisions and actions; act as liaison between the Director of Aquatics (Randy) and the Boosters; attend Florida Swimming LSC delegate meetings; spearhead various projects and strategic needs of CAT as determined by Randy.


Coach Representative:  Keep the board informed regarding practice schedules, training and meets; listen and respond to parent feedback.

Director of Communications: Oversee the revamping of CAT's website and social media with content that is timely, lively, and useful. Send updates and notices via email to the team.

Director of Meet Operations:  Ensure that CAT-hosted meets are competently and smoothly run by coordinating with Florida Swimming LSC, head meet officials, the computer operator, the CAT Director of Volunteers, and Randy.

Director of Volunteers: Manage volunteer staffing; keep families posted on their workshare obligations; identify and enlist parents for skilled positions such as computer operators, deck officials, announcers, photographers, writers.

Director of Hospitality and Social Events: In charge of procuring, preparing and presenting the food and beverage sold in the concession and served in the officials and coaches hospitality room; organize seasonal potlucks, get-togethers, banquets, etc.

Director(s) of Marketing, Fundraising and Community Outreach: