CAT Booster Board members for the 2019-20 term: 


Coach Representative:  Kevin Reese

Keep the board informed regarding practice schedules, training and meets; listen and respond to parent feedback.

Directors of Communications: Shannon Grierson

Oversee the revamping of CAT's website and social media with content that is timely, lively, and useful. Send updates and notices from Parent Booster committee via email to the team.

Directors of Marketing: Ray Periera and Charlie Chatelain

Oversee and develop marketing efforts to promote Clearwater Aquatic Team.

Director of Meet Operations: Kevin Reese

Ensure that CAT-hosted meets are competently and smoothly run by coordinating with Florida Swimming LSC, head meet officials, the computer operator, the CAT Director of Volunteers, and Randy.

Directors of Fundraising:  Qiana Scott

Develop fundraising events and opporutities that will fund the events and activities planned by the committee for the team.

Director of Volunteers: Andrea Ranson

Manage volunteer staffing; keep families posted on their workshare obligations; identify and enlist parents for skilled positions such as computer operators, deck officials, announcers, photographers, writers.

Directors of Community Outreach: Erika Davis, Kim Logan, Saptami Rele

Plan and organize activities for the team and to help promote CAT within the community.

Treasurer : Szilvia Nemeth

Manage the Booster Committee funds and allocate the usage of for the team.