Bronze Group

Our Novice programs are designed for the children and families who have made the decision to try competitive swimming year-round. Swimmers in this category usually have some summer league, or other pre competitive background, and is looking to progress in the sport. Special care has gone into developing programs that are fun, yet challenging.  

Bronze  - This group represents the first entry point into year-round swimming instruction and training.  The program's focus is on instilling the proper fundamentals of all four (4) competitive strokes to the athlete in a fun, caring atmosphere. It is open to swimmers ages six (6) and older who have the ability to swim freestyle and backstroke, with rhythmic breathing, for at least twenty five (25) yards. Practices are forty five (60) minutes in length and are offered Monday through Fridays. Bronze group participants will have a variety of local competitive opportunities throughout the year.

The fee is $60 a month.

Please see the CAT calendar for the current schedule. All times and schedules are subject to change.