6 steps to becoming an ASI Swim Official:


Step 1: Attend a New Stroke & Turn Officials Clinic

The New Officials clinic provides introductory information on how to officiate each stroke and it provide detail on the USA Swimming requirements for officiating.


Step 2: Register as a Non-Athlete member of USA Swimming. 

The application and instructions are available on the Arkansas Swimming Website.  Applications are also handed out during a New Officials Clinic.  There is a charge associated with the membership but is typically covered by the Swim Team you are associated with, please ask your team about reimbursements.


Step 3: Complete a Background Check through the USA Swimming website.

Background Check Link - there is a charge for the Background check which you have to pay at the time of submission.  Most Swim Clubs reimburse you once you complete certification.  Please check with your team on their policy.   


Step 4: Complete Athlete Protection Training and Concussion Protocol Training through the USA Swimming website.  One of our main goals as Officials is to help provide a safe environment for our athletes.  One of the ways this is accomplished is ensuring all our Officials take Athlete Protection training annually.  The training is taken through the USA Swimming website and is free.  Here is the link for the training: Athlete Protection Training Link and Concussion Protocol Training .


Step 5: Work 6 Sessions as an Apprentice Official. 


Step 6: Complete the Official Stroke and Turn test via the USA Swimming website. Officials Online Testing Link   there is no charge of any testing


If you have any questions about these steps please reach out to the ASI Officials Chair Dave Wicklund.