Meet Sanction Form

Post Meet Form


Other Sanction Docs:

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Meet Sanction 7-7-7 Process


1.     Complete the Application for Meet Sanction Form

a.     The form is under the Sanctions tab on the Arkansas Swimming website.

b.     The Meet Information will be uploaded into the form.

2.     The Sanction Chair has 7 days to approve the sanction.

a.     No money will be collected at this time. The $30 Sanction Fee will be included with your Meet Fees you will turn in after the meet.

3.     The host team has 7 days to complete the Post Meet Form.

a.     The Post Meet Form is under the Sanctions tab on the Arkansas Swimming website.

b.     The following files will be uploaded to the form:

                                                    i.     Poste-meet Hy-Tek Recon File

                                                  ii.     Copy of Final Results

                                                 iii.     Financial Summary

                                                 iv.     Meet Officials Reports

c.      The Team will be billed through TeamUnify for the Meet Fees calculated in the Post Meet Form, and their credit card will be charged at that time.

d.     The admin puts the form and files into a folder for that meet in the Sanctions Folder in the Arkansas Swimming Google Drive.

e.     The host team sends a copy of the Final Results to the coaches.

f.      The admin sends an email with the uploaded files to the corresponding chairs.

4.     If the team does not complete these requirements within 7 days, then they will be charged $7 a day until turned in.